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WeChat jellybean Torrent Download

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WeChat jellybean Torrent Download

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WeChat is a popular free messaging service available on mobile devices and now on Windows computers. This computerized version allows you to chat and share files as much as possible in mobile versions.

Connect to mobile phone(function () {(“review-application-page-desktop”);});

To use WeChat, you need to set up an account with a mobile phone number. This version of Windows adds to mobile apps. To download a file, simply download your mobile phone, enter the phone number and enter the verification code,which you received.

By entering a request to access the link, you can see who is already using WeChat. To use the Windows version, you need to open the mobile application and take a snapshot of the QR code that appears on the screen. Thereafter. Wechat for Windows opens, looks and feelslike mobile relationships.

Basic functional application training

Thanks to WeChat, you can communicate with your contacts through your computer and receive notifications when someone contacts you. You can also send files. File transfer is more useful in Windows than on mobiledevices (especially if you are an iOS user), since you can transfer any type of file through WeChat.

We are very simple. In addition to text messages and file transfers, you can also send screenshots and emoticons. Screen capture tool works well, automatically changesaround the windows that are vyraspolozhenny in it. Where we are behind other applications, such as Skype or Facebook Messenger, no phone calls or voice calls.

Stay connected without phone

WeChat for Windows adds useful mobile apps, but remember that you can’tuse it without a mobile account. However, this is useful if you want to stay connected without looking at the phone!


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