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Scratch 2 Offline

Scratch is a science and education tool designed for young people to help them learn key programming concepts that encourage algorithmic thinking from their users. Scratch allows you to create characters that can dance, sing and interacttogether. Scratch is essentially a graphical programming language, where coding is much easier than in traditional programming languages. Script creation involves drawing graphic blocks in a way that you can write (((overview of the application’s desktop);});In addition, you can also create moving images and select animated responses for mouse movements. Adding music videos or other sound effects is also possible and relatively easy. Taking the time to scratch to master, this is more because there are so many differentisbaie’s characteristics in it are more than any real problem with the program you Scratch the project, you can share it on the Scratch website. You can also include your project on other sites as a clean way to encourage children to think critically and create unique programs.on your computer.

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