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Other nations may have education systems that test better

America’s scientific research dominates because it is competitive but collaborative, creative, free, peer reviewed, and because our immigration policy and quality of life has always allowed us to recruit the best scientists from all over the world. Every top science department in this country is global by birth. We need to maintain this research capability for our own sake and for the world’s. Other nations may have education systems that test better, but American education and lifestyles promote creativity and innovation. Today, some of our best minds are working on energy: nanotechnology applied to solar cells and batteries, wind energy, geothermal, carbon capture and storage, and innovations hard to explain to nonscientists like me. This research is largely funded by the federal government and its defunding would be an act of national economic suicide. It also requires recruitment and collaboration from nations all over the world. An “America First” approach is self defeating here. The benefits of these new technologies will not be “shared” or given away, but sold by companies like Apple, Microsoft and Tesla or at least the next decade’s versions of these companies.

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