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Some of the Girl Genius collected editions have extra story

The strip has also had a parody lampshading after a character was sent to a particularly stupid offscreen waiting room, The Semi Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing:Belkar: Hey, maybe we’ll see that as a bonus story in one of the later books!Vaarsuvius: Maybe we will never mention it again.Several Calvin and Hobbes collections are prefaced with bonus stories and poems done in watercolor:The Essential Calvin Hobbes had the story poem “A Nauseous Nocturne.”The Indispensable Calvin Hobbes had several short poems.The Calvin Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book had a story in which Spaceman Spiff fights a Booger Being (Susie Derkins) and a Naggon (Calvin’s mom).Sam Fuzzy had an extra story and some Skull Panda strips in its first mini book, and probably similar in the newer ones, but I haven’t read them.Some of the Girl Genius collected editions have extra story pages, to clarify details and/or to make sure that the big double page spreads end up on facing pages.There is a new extra comic included in one of the X Wing Series Omnibus collections, about Wedge being a Destructive Savior and Luke defending him from angry townspeople.Both El Goonish Shive books have an additional silly story and a Post Episode Trailer.The Sluggy Freelance collected volumes contain these.

The characters are, at least in part, based on real figures. Jack Stanton stands for Clinton himself. Susan Stanton stands for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Burton is based on George Stephanopoulos, though the real figure shared duties with James Carville and David Wilhelm. Richard Jemmons stands for James Carville himself. Carville is better known for coining the phrase It’s the economy, stupid. He originally used it as a sign note on in Bill Clinton’s Little Rock campaign headquarters. It ended up becoming a political slogan. Libby Holden is thought to be a Composite Character which combines Betsey Wright and Vince Foster. Wright is credited with establishing the rapid response system that was responsible for defending Clinton’s record in Arkansas and promptly answering all personal attacks on the candidate. During the 1992 campaign, Wright coined the term “bimbo eruptions” to describe rumors alleging extramarital affairs by Clinton. Foster was a highly regarded lawyer and a close confidant of Hillary. He participated in the early administration of Clinton but reportedly commited suicide in 1993. The suicide note commenting “I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport.” The event has drawn its share of media attention. There are theories that he was Driven to Suicide and Conspiracy Theories which consider him murdered.

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