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Take That!: One of the random signs in the window of Bob’s

Immortality: Strider, accidentally. As long as he isn’t incinerated, vaporized, ripped to shreds or decapitated, he can regenerate his limbs and organs. Oh, and he’s ageless now. Celestia is both happy and worried about this. Additionally, he also gain Healing Hands ability. Interspecies Romance: Strider and Celestia. It Gets Easier: Celestia gets increasingly comfortable with violence as time goes on. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Vano mentioned they need to advance the plot. MacGyvering: Strider making a defibrillator with two artifacts to save Celestia. Magnetic Weapons: In Chapter 12 we have the Infantry Marksman Railgun Mark 3. More Dakka: Vano’s mondus operandi in dealing with enemies. Powered Armor: Strider and Vano’s exosuits. Shout Out: When Vano introduce himself and his machine gun to Celestia in Chapter 3. Some of the nick names of major Degtyarev in Chapter 11. Time Skip: Between Chapter 12 and Interlude. Too Dumb to Live: In final chapter, some random bandits shows up and started firing at APC in which our heroes was, using some light and weak small arms. For their efforts, they were torn to shreds by BTR’s heavy machine gun. Trapped in Another World: The entire premise. You Can Talk??: Almost any time when someone meets Celestia for the first time.

Fittingly, the alien fleet invading Seattle well as the robots that show up in New Orleans the Invaders from The Twilight Zone, right down to the same sound effects. One of the signs outside of Bob’s Bunker says “Frenzy? Bwa ha ha ha!” Collecting the Lunch Time bonus shows a weinermobile on the DMD with the point bonus. Or, in other words: “It’s lunch time! Get yourself a hotdog!” Red is essentially Rudy’s Distaff Counterpart, with many of her lines echoing his. The “Rubber Nose” souvenir is a caricature of Roger Sharpe, the pinball player who overturned New York City’s ban on pinball machines. Los Angeles’ mode is nicknamed “Earthshaker!”, and you get to hear Red imitate the Title Scream at the end of the mode. Subverted with the start of multiball; it starts out identically to Fun House. but then Ted swallows the ball instead of spitting it out. The Jackpot animation is the same as the Super Jackpot animation in The Getaway: High Speed II. Name and Name Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Fun House + The Addams Family + The Twilight Zone = Road Show No Body Left Behind: Minnesota’s “Frozen People” round specifically states not to shoot the Blast Zone. If you do, whichever people who are still frozen will disintegrate. Platonic Life Partners Protagonist Title Real Song Theme Tune: Carlene Carter’s “Every Little Thing”. Road Trip Plot Score Multiplier: Earned by shooting either the left ramp or the right orbit after passing through the opposite inlane. Doing this while the bonus multiplier is maxed at 6X will light Extra Ball (though this can only be done once per game). Skill Shot: Launch the ball into the Blast Hole without hitting anything else to get a free souvenir and a score bonus. Alternately, plunge the ball into Bob Bunker before hitting anything else to get the Secret Skill Shot, “Bob’s Lotto”. Songs in the Key of Panic: If no multiball jackpots are scored, intensified music plays as the player is prompted to shoot the main lock. Spiritual Successor: To Fun House. Stuff Blowing Up: How Red and Ted approach anything they can’t knock down. Take That!: One of the random signs in the window of Bob’s Bunker is “Secret Video Mode”, apparently a mocking reference to the absent “secret video mode” from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Take That Player: If you finish multiball without getting a single jackpot, Red shouts “You missed EVERYTHING!” One of Red’s quotes when starting a new game is “Jerk alert!” The Taxi: One of the first encounters is with an irate taxi driver in New York City. He returns several times throughout the game to get revenge. Toilet Humor: You blow up a port a potty in Atlanta.

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